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Types of Stone

We stock over 30 kinds of granite and white marble. If you are unsure about what type or color of stone to choose, consider the factors below, but remember, there really is never a wrong choice. 

Consider a color that will harmonize with the surrounding site or tradition of the part of the country where the burial will take place.

Consider the landscape: Pinks and reds can look particularly attractive in tropical environments, areas that are sandy, or overlook water. Blues, grays and white harmonize well with the flora and geography of New England. The more neutral colored stones, those flecked with white, various shades of beige or grey and black are perfect in any environment.

The most important factor in your choice is your own personal preference or that of your family member.


Granite is the most popular choice for memorials and monuments because it is extremely hard, resistant to scratching and very durable. It is available in a wide variety of colors and is so non-porous that it is almost impervious to weather and temperature changes. 

Granite was created when rock literally melted and was trapped under stone, forming crystals in a variety of colors as it cooled. Granite Industries stocks a large variety of stone so we can offer the finest grade Vermont granite, the highest quality granite from other United States quarries, and a selection of the best stone from around the world.

 Medium Barre - view more samples of our stones.



Marble is a slightly softer stone, but with modern finishing techniques it can be polished, honed, or honed or have a sanded finish. We stock Danby white marble and other types and colors such as Montclair, Eureka, Highland, Imperial, and Maripesa. Contact us for more information. 

The cost of the various types of stone is dependent upon how available or scarce a specific type of stone is, and how difficult it is to quarry. We stock 30 kinds of granite and white marble from quarries throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

 Marble Danby - view more samples of our stones.

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