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Guardian "Weather Sealed" Etchings 

The popularity of Guardian etched memorials continues to grow as more and more or our customers become aware of the unlimited variety of subjects possible with this form of ornamentation. 

Etchings are most successful and have the greatest clarity when applied to black granite. We can etch from photographs onto the stone, then color the etchings to give them a very natural appearance. We have many designs to choose from, including landscapes, angels, religious symbols and flowers.

Many of our customers have chosen to have us etch a portrait of a loved one onto a memorial. Guardian artisans are proficient in etching remarkably faithful portraits of individuals, couples and groups into our monuments. Whatever your choice, a Guardian Dealer can guide you through the process.

Etchings are produced with special laser etching technology. When weather sealed into the stone it is quite permanent. Like all of our work, Guardian etched memorials are guaranteed by our Guardian Full Perpetual Warranty. 

View examples of Guardian etched memorials below: