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Shape & Size

As with choosing the variety of stone for the memorial, choosing the shape should be influenced by the landscape surrounding the final resting place of your family member. It is also good to choose a shape that will harmonize with adjacent memorials.

The shape of a memorial stone can also reflect and pay tribute to an interest of the family member being memorialized. Memorials of this kind can be particularly arresting because they celebrate—in a very immediate way—the personality of the deceased. We are happy to custom design a stone to meet your needs.

One caveat in choosing an unusual memorial shape: it will stand out, which means it is less likely to harmonize with its surroundings. If keeping a memorial in harmony with the landscape is important to you, you might instead consider choosing a more standard shape and then design the surface to include imagery that reflects your family member’s interests.

Many cemeteries have regulations regarding the size of a monument. Guardian Memorial dealers are familiar with the regulations adopted by cemeteries in your area and will gladly help you to choose a stone that is within the size requirements of your cemetery.

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